Candler Executive Committee

Dustin Durden*, Pineland Telephone Coop., Inc.
Dave Flanders, Candler County Hospital
Elizabeth Gilmer, East Georiga State College
Kevin Griner, McDonald’s
Rhonda Hendrix, Candler Co Board of Education; Pineland State Bank
Brad Jones, Candler County Commission; D & S Electric
Bryan Asheim, Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Bubba Longgrear, Candler County Board of Education
Molly Olsen, Candler County Industrial Authority
Carvy Snell, The Metter Advertiser
Steven Snell*, Pineland State Bank
Glyn Thrift, Candler County Commission
Brian Tootle, Candler County Industrial Authority Board
Billy Trapnell, City of Metter
David Yarbrough, Southeastern Tech


For more information about specific issue work groups, contact Catherine Muse, the Candler Archway Professional at

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