MBA Student Presents Economic Development Project to Hart County Industrial Building Authority

April 26, 2017


For the past two semesters, Josh Williams, a Master of Business Administration student in the Terry College of Business, worked on a critical economic development project for the Hart County Industrial Building Authority (IBA) involving an undeveloped, commercially zoned 20-acre parcel of land. Josh was tasked with creating a three-way financial analysis for the future development of the land showing return on investment, risks, profitability, etc. The scenarios included: (1) selling the property and leaving development to a third party, (2) entering into a long-term “Land Lease” in which Hart IBA would own the land on a perpetual basis and enter into agreements with retail/commercial entities to make improvements to the property under long-term lease agreements, or (3) looking at the costs and risks involved in developing the land, erecting structures and becoming landlords, by either marketing the property or employing a management company to manage and collect rents. Josh was able to identify key data sets and run multiple analyses on each option to help the IBA make well informed decisions about their property along I-85.

According to Dwayne Dye, Director of the IBA, “The tools that Josh has created for the IBA will be incredibly helpful as we move forward. He did an outstanding and very professional job and I’m already using some of this information with a potential client.”

As an undergraduate student in the College of Environment and Design, Josh interned with the Archway Partnership as a landscape design student (working in Clayton County). For the past two years, he has been a graduate assistant at the Archway Partnership while he completed his MBA. Of his time at Archway, Josh shared, “My time with Archway has allowed me to implement the skills I have learned in the classroom to creatively solve real problems to make a lasting impact on the communities.”


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