On the Atlantic coast south of the Altamaha River, Glynn is one of Georgia’s original eight counties and was formed on February 5, 1777.

The county was created from 423 square miles of land formerly held by Creek Indians and is named for John Glynn, a member of the British Parliament and a friend of the colonies who once held the position of Sergeant of London. Brunswick is the county’s only municipality and serves as the county seat. Brunswick was named in honor of England’s King George III, who was of the House of Brunswick.

Brunswick was among the 15 cities that built Liberty Ships during World War II. In response to German U-Boat threats to shipping lanes, construction of Liberty Ships, a larger, stronger cargo vessel, was begun at the J.A. Jones Construction Company Shipyards.

Brunswick has the second largest concentration of documented historic structures in Georgia. The nearby islands of St. Simons and Jekyll lure visitors with the promise of beaches, resorts, and historic sites—it has long been known as the “Gateway to the Golden Isles.” Our marshes along the east coast offer stunning views and are unique and beautiful in many ways.

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