Located in Southwest Georgia, bordering Florida, Grady County was established in 1905 from portions of Thomas and Decatur Counties.

The county was named after previous editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Henry Woodfin Grady, because of his belief that the key to creating “The New South” was economic progress based on the development of local resources and improvement in agricultural technology.

Grady County makes up approximately 467 square miles of South Georgia, and includes the towns of Cairo and Whigham, and the communities of Calvary, Pine Park, Akridge, Capel, Susina, and Sofkee.

Cairo, the County Seat, was chartered as a town in 1877, and officially became a city in 1906. It is located between Thomasville and Bainbridge, and was originally used as a Stage Coach stop between the two cities.

Although Grady’s market is heavily dependent upon agriculture, tourism also plays an important role in its overall economy. Every summer in Grady County, tourists from all over look forward to heading down to see the Annual Great Southern Antique Car Rally. The event started in 1989 and has been growing ever since, averaging 120 contestants or more per year. The weekend’s festivities include a parade, street dance, and display of the antique cars. Several other outdoor, sporting and hunting events bring tourists to Grady County throughout the year, including the Annual Calvary’s Mule Day and Rattlesnake Roundup in Whigham, both of which bring tens of thousands of visitors to the area.

Grady County is also the hometown of several famous athletes and musicians, including Baseball Hall of Fame member Jackie Robinson, Olympic gold medalist Teresa Edwards, country musician Daryle Singletary, and Jefferson Starship singer Mickey Thomas.

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