Archway Partnership collaborates with UGA College of Engineering

June 9, 2015


During the 2014-15 academic year, Archway connected 26 undergraduate students and five faculty members from the UGA College of Engineering with civic leaders, community members and government agencies from four Archway communities to work on a variety of projects. The communities involved were Candler County, Grady County, Pulaski County and Washington County. The students presented their final projects at the annual Engineering Senior Design Showcase.


The Metter-Candler County 121/129 Feasibility Study project consisted of a roadway design to connect the two roads in Metter. It was completed by students Adam Day, Adam Doyle and Katherine Worley and received an honorable mention award for “Best Community Impact.”


Grady County received assistance with three projects: a methane gas analysis of the Cairo Municipal Solid Waste Landfill, site relocation options for that same landfill and an assessment of implementing solar panels for the Grady County Courthouse and Detention Facility. Two student teams conduct an evaluation of a pecan cracker device for an agribusiness in Pulaski County. The work of these teams will be used for recommendations in the 2015-2016 Senior Design class work continuing on the project.


In Washington County, a team of students created a design plan for re-purposing a jail facility into a multipurpose government facility once the new jail is completed.


Additional work is being completed in Pulaski County and surrounding areas on the Ocmulgee River by Natalia Shim, a doctoral student in the College of Engineering and a graduate assistant with the Archway Partnership. Shim has focused her work initially on the proposed National Park Site from Macon to Hawkinsville; identifying parcel owners, overlaying assets of cultural and historic value, accessing soil sample and fishery data. She has also proposed potential landing sites that would increase the economic impact of the trail, taking into consideration the conditions and amenities nearby and being respectful of both environmental and cultural concerns.

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