Archway Partnership welcomes 2016 student cohort

November 21, 2016

By Sara Hand

In August, the Archway Partnership welcomed back to campus 19 graduate assistants and undergraduate interns from eight University of Georgia schools and colleges. The students began the year with a welcome orientation to acclimate new students to the unit and provide updates for those returning through an in depth overview of the Archway Partnership and its communities. Additionally, students learned time management tips from UGA’s Work/Life Balance Coordinator Kiz Adams and were presented with a vast array of resources available in the UGA Libraries by reference librarian Sheila Devaney.

UGA Work Life Balance Coordinator Kiz Adams shares tips on managing school, work, and community.

UGA Work Life Balance Coordinator Kiz Adams shares tips on managing school, work, and community.

For fall 2016, students working with the Archway Partnership represent nine master’s programs, three PhD specialties and two undergraduate majors. The diverse backgrounds of students in the unit were refreshing to Will Major, a new graduate assistant pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Photography. He explains, “It was great seeing a broad spectrum of graduate assistants from all over the university engaging in the Archway Partnership.”

During their time with the Archway Partnership, students utilize the knowledge and skills from the classroom to assist with a variety of community projects ranging from park designs and interior design concepts to marketing plans and community asset inventories.


Graduate assistants learn about the mission of Archway Partnership.

As a new graduate assistant with the unit and second year student in the Master of Public Administration program, Kristen Hill expressed her thoughts on working in one of UGA’s public service units saying, “I’m excited for the opportunity to reach beyond the UGA campus and Athens and work with community leaders across Georgia on issues they are facing in their region.”

Returning MBA student Tolu Deitz finds her time with the Archway Partnership beneficial to her studies as well as the communities. She explained, “The Archway Partnership has provided the opportunity to use what I’m learning in school and apply it immediately. I love seeing the impact of what I’m doing positively impact the communities I work with.”

In addition to providing real-world experience, the Archway Partnership also seeks opportunities to conduct professional development workshops for students. During the fall of 2016, students will participate in workshops such as Creating a Digital Portfolio and Professional Etiquette. These workshops provide students opportunities to enhance their soft skills resulting in a competitive edge in their job searches.


Faculty, staff and students participate in a welcome orientation for new and returning graduate assistants in the Archway Partnership.


Ian Rossiter, a new graduate assistant and Master of Science Geography student, captured the purpose of Archway Partnership’s connection of students to communities stating, “I am looking forward to being involved with the processes of community outreach and development while applying and further honing the skills I have learned here at UGA.”

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