Brittney Cain features Archway Partnership communities through public relations

December 15, 2016

By Ashleigh Austel 

For Archway Partnership graduate assistant Brittney Cain, the University of Georgia has been a home away from home for five years. Cain, who received her undergraduate degree in public relations from UGA’s Grady College, stayed in Athens to pursue a master’s degree in the field as well. Her time as a graduate assistant with the Archway Partnership has enhanced her education through real-world experience and lessons learned from working alongside people who truly care about her success.

Cain has worked with the Archway Partnership since August 2015. Her efforts have benefited several communities, but her main focus has been in Sumter County. She created a press kit to promote the community’s educational assets.  This marketing tool highlights success stories and unique opportunities which make Sumter County a destination for innovative educational pathways leading to a vibrant and highly-skilled workforce.

Cain says that this project is one that will positively affect many entities– teachers, students, parents – and have an impact on whether or not business and industry choose to move into the area based on the education system.

Working with the Archway Partnership has provided Cain with several unique learning experiences. One such experience was a public relations/marketing campaign for Linton Park in Washington County. Going to Sandersville and presenting her work to community members was very different from the in-class presentations Cain noted.

“Participating in the Archway Partnership program has allowed me to apply what I’m learning in classes. In these real-world contexts, you have to learn as you go, adapt, and be flexible when it’s needed. This job has given me the confidence and experience to back up what I’ve learned through my degree,” Cain said.

Additionally, Cain has benefited from professional development workshops offered by the Archway Partnership to further enhance students’ qualifications upon graduation. These trainings have focused on topics such as research methods, work place communication, and creating a digital portfolio to name a few.

“The Archway Partnership faculty and staff care about our lives and want us to succeed. The same cannot be said about all work places.”

Cain graduates from her program this December. While she doesn’t have set at plans at this point, she knows that she wants to work in public relations for a company where she can invest in projects and see that her work is making a difference in people’s lives.

Sharon Liggett, Archway Partnership operations coordinator and Cain’s supervisor, is looking forward to seeing the difference Cain makes as she graduates from UGA and begins building her career.

“Brittney has been a terrific graduate assistant providing invaluable public relations assistance on a wide range of Archway Partnership projects. Her academic and experiential activities provide a very strong foundation for, what I anticipate will be, a very successful career!”

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