Clayton County: Career day presenters reach out to pupils

May 20, 2013

HAMPTON — Lovejoy Middle School hosted its annual Career Day expo Thursday.

School counselor Lindsey McDaniel, who organized the event, said most of the 650 student body heard from at least one career day presenter. Eighth-graders spent most of their time involved in field day activities.

“A lot of these kids have blinders on and don’t know what opportunities are out there,” said McDaniel. “The goal is to introduce all of our kids to the different industries, opportunities and possibilities that are out there.”

Seventh-grader Destiny Loggins knows her future career path down to the number of years she will spend in school. She introduced herself to state Rep. Mike Glanton (D-Jonesboro), who took interest in her first name.

“What’s your destiny?” asked Glanton.

“I’m thinking I want to be a veterinarian for my love of animals,” Loggins responded. “I want to help take care of them.”

Glanton was among 14 presenters who accepted invitations to attend career day. They included representatives from the health department, the Lovejoy Police Department, Lovejoy government and the Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services.Photo detail

Photo by Johnny Jackson. Gail Webb of the University of Georgia’s Archway Partnership spoke to students about the importance of focusing on education and not being distracted.

Businessman Ed Siller — the 2011 Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Member of the Year — gave a presentation to students.

Lovejoy police Sgt. Tony Loner also engaged middle schoolers about his experiences.

“We have to get to these kids while they’re young enough to make wise decisions about their career paths,” said Loner.

Parent Sonya Kendrick spoke to students about how she pursued her dream of becoming a small business owner. Kendrick had worked in the banking industry before starting an online boutique selling women’s accessories a year ago.

“There were challenges,” she said. “There are still challenges but anything is possible, if you go after your dream.”

Linda Turner-Love is the school’s parent liaison. She said having parents such as Kendrick actively involved in the school makes a difference in students’ attitudes about education.

“I want the parents to be more involved with their kids’ education,” said Turner-Love. “It matters when they are involved here.”


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