Trail shows value of cooperation

December 15, 2015

The Dalton Daily Citizen, Monday, December 14, 2015 

Students at Brookwood School have long used Lakeshore Park as an outdoor classroom to learn about the environment and the wildlife living there.

In the past, they had to walk on the sidewalk down Hill Street and cross Cedar Avenue to get to the park.

But Dalton Public Schools and the city of Dalton recently opened a new trail that will let the students walk directly to the park, cutting the time it takes them to get there and also making the trip safer.

This shows what can happen when different aspects of the community work together. The city and the school system split the $40,000 cost of the property for the trail. The Dalton-Whitfield Archway Partnership birthed the concept of the trail, and University of Georgia students brought to Dalton by Archway put the trail in the master plan they developed for Lakeshore. And many private individuals also worked to make the trail a success.

Of course, Dalton State College has already had a partnership with Brookwood School. College personnel and students do a great deal of research at Lakeshore Park and the staff and students have volunteered much time to pass on their knowledge to Brookwood students.

When different organizations and individuals in our community come together this way, we all benefit.

We commend everyone who helped make the Brookwood/Lakeshore trail a success, and we hope it will be a model for future cooperation.

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