Jaime Riggs presents “Branding” at Archway Summit at UGA

March 30, 2017

Metter Advertiser

Archway Partnership Summit February 22, 2017-260

Pictured (l-r): Molly Olsen, Candler County Industrial Authority executive director; Jaime Riggs, Metter-Candler Chamber of Commerce executive director; Harry the Dog; Archway Pro­fessional Catherine Muse and Steven Snell, Candler Archway Partnership co-chair.

The University of Geor­gia (UGA) Archway Part­nership Swnmit, held February 22-23 in Athens, provided a setting for com­munity members from across Archway Partner­ship communities to come together to discuss a range of topics including work­force development, com­munity leadership and community imaging and branding. Jaime Riggs, director of the Metter/Candler Cham­ber of Commerce, served as an expert panelist dur­ing the “Community Im­age and Branding” session. Riggs offered a valuable perspective about Candler County’s branding initia­tives. “It was an honor to repre­sent the Candler Archway Partnership and to pres­ent our Community Image and Branding program to the summit attendants. It was also a pleasure to meet other town leaders in attendance and learn from their successes. The Community Image and Branding program in Can­dler County came about through the Partnership and student resources pro­vided by the University of Georgia and is a true ex­ample of how real collabo­ration can work in a com­munity,” Riggs said. The Archway Partner­ship, a unit of Public Ser­vice and Outreach at UGA, connects Georgia commu­nities to the full range of higher education resources available at the University to address critical commu­nity-identified needs. Since 2013, UGA stu­dents and faculty repre­senting a range of schools, colleges and specialties, have worked on nearly 60 projects directly benefiting Metter/Candler County. The process is driven locally by an Executive Committee of stakehold­ers comprised of represen­tatives from the City of Metter, Candler County Board of Commissioners, Candler County Board of Education, Candler Coun­ty Chamber of Commerce and the Candler County Industrial Development Authority and is chaired by Steven Snell and Dustin Durden. The process is managed locally by the Metter/Candler Archway Professional, Catherine Muse, who provides direct access to the knowledge, research, and other resources available from the University of Georgia.

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