Former Intern Reflects On His Time With The Archway Partnership And Its Positive Impact On His Career

October 12, 2017

By Patricia Bacon

Tyler Barron first heard about the Archway Partnership through a friend at UGA’s College of Environment and Design, where he was an undergraduate studying landscape architecture. He began working with Archway in the summer of 2016.

During that summer, Barron worked on redesigning a small parking lot in Hawkinsville, GA, but spent most of his time working in Hartwell, GA on developing an entryway to Hart State Park. He assisted in developing signage and naming the park, which later was titled “Hartwell Lakeside.”

Barron returned to Archway the next summer in 2017, excited to be working for the public sector again, specifically in Hartwell. This time he worked on developing the city block around the Hart County Courthouse. The courthouse sat on a city block that had been previously developed and designed, but the Downtown Development Authority wanted to update the site.

For Barron, it proved to be a challenge to merge his own design ideas with the design intent of the original plan, as he had to meticulously analyze every part of the design and figure out what could be repurposed from the original lot.

Barron believes that the real world experience he gained through his time at Archway helped him stand out to employers during interviews as he was looking for a job after graduation. He claims that at several interviews, his time with Archway is what shone when discussing his portfolio. He is currently working for a design-build firm called Watters and Associates Landscape in Rome, GA, where he began in September of this year.

Along with exceptional experience and opportunities, Barron also says that Archway taught him a few life lessons as well.

“Archway really taught me to be confident,” he said. “When you’re going through school, you’re surrounded by peers who, for the most part, completely understand your design before any presentation. Outside the College, people require clear, concise explanations. Archway served as a crash course in public speaking. It is a rare day where a group of city officials is looking at a 21-year-old face for advice. They look at you, as an Archway representative and intern, as the resident authority on the projects. It is empowering. It prepares you for when clients are knocking on your door, putting you in charge, and looking to you for a clear design solution.”

Archway Operations Coordinator Angel Jackson is proud of the work that Barron completed for Hart County and is excited to see him succeed in his post-graduate career.

“We had the pleasure of working with Tyler for two consecutive summers and he was a wonderful asset to our team. His passion for community work is infectious and it was exciting to watch him grow as a designer over the two summers,” Jackson said. “He worked on a range of projects for Hartwell and Hart County, both of which are in the beginning stages of implementation. The community was thrilled with his work product and we were proud of how well he represented the University of Georgia.”

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