Graduating Student Spotlight: Carter Burns

May 1, 2018



Name: Carter Burns

Age: 38

Hometown: Natchez, MS





Where did you earn your degree(s)?

My bachelor’s degree is from Millsaps College, and my Juris Doctor is from the University of Mississippi School of Law.


What interests you about your field?

I enjoy the challenge of preserving places that matter to create livable and sustainable communities.


What are some highlights of your time at UGA?

I have had wonderful professors and classmates during my time here. (And two great football seasons!)


What does service mean to you?

Service means giving back to the community in a meaningful way. It is a way to share skills and abilities to create positive change.


What inspired you to join the Archway Partnership?

The Archway Partnership was an opportunity to utilize the skills I was learning in the classroom in a real-world setting and to hopefully make a difference in a community.


What kinds of projects did you work on during your time with the Archway Partnership?

My projects had an emphasis on historic preservation. I worked on a plan for adaptive reuse of the Bowersville Gin, text for a historic marker in Hartwell, conducted research for a National Register nomination for Pope’s Museum in Grady County, and determined the feasibility of incorporating a building in Whigham into an adjacent park.


What is your most memorable experience/favorite project from your time with Archway?

My most memorable project has been working on the National Register nomination for Pope’s Museum in Grady County. It was the home of self-taught folk artist Laura Pope Forester, and several of her fascinating sculptures remain there today. She was a remarkable woman, and hopefully her work will be more recognized once the property is listed on the National Register.


What did you enjoy most about your time with the Archway Partnership?

Being from out of state, I enjoyed the chance to get out of Athens and explore other areas of Georgia where I was able to witness the impacts that Archway can have on a community firsthand.


Has your time with Archway affected your career plans? If yes, how so?

Service is a major component of any career in historic preservation, and working with Archway has only reinforced my desire to incorporate that aspect into my professional life.


How has service-learning helped you grow as a student or in your personal life?

It is always helpful as a student to put the theory learned in the classroom to practical use.


Do you believe it is important for students to participate in service programs?

Yes. Service programs expose students to issues outside the university and provide them with experiences they would not have otherwise.


What advice would you give to a student who is considering joining the Archway Partnership?

It is a valuable way to gain experience in your field before graduation, and be sure to take advantage of the professional development opportunities that Archway offers.


What are your plans after graduation?

Stay tuned!


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Using my degrees to improve communities and preserve their meaningful historic spaces.

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