Engineering Students Help Cairo-Grady Joint Development Authority Develop Strategic Facility Plan

July 28, 2017

In April 2016, a group of senior Civil and Environmental Engineering undergraduate students from the University of Georgia College of Engineering presented conceptual plans for the Cairo-Grady County Joint Development Authority owned Heritage Complex.

Plans included an analysis of the structural integrity of the 330,000 square foot facility, which sits on a 90-acre site near Cairo High School. They also presented an exterior mock-up of suggested improvements. Additionally, the students provided plans for on-site storm water management to bring the complex into compliance with current environmental best practices and state standards.

Almost one year later, a second group of engineering students will present the Authority with a proposed development scheme for a speculative building that may be built in the Milestone Industrial Park. Elements of the design include highway ingress and egress, storm water management, building siting, and parking lot designs.

With the culmination of the two projects facilitated and made possible by the county’s collaboration with the Archway Partnership, the Authority will be well positioned to determine where to invest their funding: rehabilitation of an existing building or construction of a new one.

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