Local Leadership Team Works to Revitalize Leadership Griffin+Spalding

July 24, 2017

spalding2Leadership Griffin+Spalding sought Archway Partnership’s assistance with efforts to revitalize and reorganize its program for 2016-2017. Based on needs identified through the Griffin+Spalding Executive Committee, the J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development provided assistance on restructuring issues and on how to incorporate additional community leadership skills training into the program’s curriculum. Twenty-four individuals participated in this year’s 10-month program, which is designed to help participants become better leaders in Griffin+Spalding County by observing key aspects of community development efforts first-hand.

Participants were placed into groups and worked on projects for community betterment throughout the length of the program. Projects were selected based on group interest and ranged in topic from creating, building, and sustaining little free libraries, to county dog parks and memorial sites.

The group brought the project from an idea to provide free books to children in easily accessible locations to fruition by partnering with the local bank to store the books, creating a budget for future program sustainability, and generating funds to create the libraries.

“Everything rises and falls on leadership. This program is designed to add value to our community by increasing the quality of leaders who in turn will make it better,” said Dr. Randall Peters, chair of the Leadership Griffin+Spalding issue work group.

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