Sandersville Depot Disc Golf holds grand opening

June 29, 2016


The Washington County Recreation Department held a grand opening for the Depot Disc Golf course on May 14. The course is a National Professional Disc Golf course that was developed by Brian Graham, the Executive Director of the Professional Disc Golf Association and attracts visitors from around the state and region to play.

It is a part of the master plan for Linton Park in Sandersville and part of increased tourism efforts by the community.

In an interview with WMAZ, the Washington County Recreation Department Special Events Coordinator Jamie Brindell stated, “the key is to get people from surrounding areas, Augusta and Macon and Milledgeville, places like that, to come to Sandersville.

The Washington County Archway Partnership collaborated with the Recreation Department to develop an ongoing marketing plan for the course. Brittney Cain, an Archway Partnership graduate assistant in public relations, completed the marketing plan in June 2016. The marketing plan was written for City of Sandersville and the Washington County Recreation Department and plans are to begin implementation this summer.

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