Candler Priorities


A local team has been meeting for several months, working to identify the logistics and funding needed to create a curriculum based leadership development program for the community’s emerging leaders. Candler Archway will continue to be supportive of the efforts of this team, with plans to bring the ideas to fruition in the near future, creating an interactive and sustainable skills based program.


Recreation opportunities (or lack thereof) can have an incredible impact on a community and Metter/Candler residents have clearly identified various areas within the recreation department that they would like addressed.

Community Development

The Executive Committee continues to work on creating a community that fosters diversification in local business and industry while also improving the quality of life for current and future residents. The goal is to create a community development strategic plan that encompasses the entire community and all facets of community development.


Education is considered to be a major driver in developing and retaining a qualified workforce in Candler County. Moving forward, the community would like to establish a local business and industry advisory board (issue work group) to identify workplace trends, promote opportunities for student learning in the workplace, assist college and career pathway implementation, and seek private funding (or other funding resources) to support educational efforts.


Candler County Hospital (CCH) continues to be one of the community’s largest economic drivers, in terms of employment and its regional draw for healthcare services. As with many rural hospitals, CCH faces challenges of recruitment and retention of doctors and nurses. With new demands being placed on healthcare facilities around the nation, fund development and community support of this economic engine remains a priority. The Candler County Archway Executive Committee is committed to helping the hospital survive and thrive.

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