Grady Priorities

Education for a Quality Workforce 

We seek to foster a culture of lifelong learning in Grady County to support a growing workforce and economic and business development.  We seek to provide excellence in education at all levels and to encourage a culture of openness and collaboration with business, industry, and secondary and post-secondary educational institutions.

Goal #1: Expand the focus on academic transfer progression for the traditional four-year college pathway.  This could include, but not limited to, the expanded Move On When Ready and/or Advanced Placement programming for current high school students.

Goal #2: Further encourage working-aged adults without a post-secondary credential to return to college and pursue/complete a degree or certificate in line with Governor Deal’s Complete College Georgia initiative.

Goal #3: Map current college and career pathways such that students enrolled in the pathway have a clear picture of where that pathway ultimately leads, whether to a technical diploma or certificate or college diploma.

Community Development through Cooperation

Goal #1: Form an Issue Work Group to address the concept of Community-wide branding efforts.

Goal #2: Develop a strategy to both retain and expand existing business and industry and attract new business and industry which includes researching local, state and federal incentives as well as promoting local government coordination to meet developing infrastructure needs.

Goal #3: Identify potential Quality of Life amenities in Grady County such as agritourism, river, lake, and outdoor activities, and local festivals to promote and develop.

Goal #4: Explore opportunities to support retail development in the downtown area and along the Highway 84 corridor.  (Resources could include, but not limited to over/under study, merchant and market surveys, identification of niche businesses, entry gateway enhancements, improvements to traveler amenities, opportunity zones, enterprise zones or marketing resources).

Goal #5: Revitalize the downtown area to create a sense of place, through branding, delineating the Central Business District, beautifying streetscapes and railways/depot, coordinating downtown activities and identifying opportunities for business or service industry development.

Goal #6: Engage Youth in Community Development/Quality of Life culture.

Community Health and Wellness

Goal #1: Explore telehealth opportunities through Archbold/Grady General, Grady County Schools and other health and wellness partners.

Goal #2: Create a community-wide health education and wellness program to help reduce healthcare costs.

Goal #3: Improve access to care, particularly prenatal care and education.

Goal #4: Enhance parks and recreation facilities and programs to promote healthy lifestyles for children and adults to include retirees.

Goal #5: Teen Pregnancy/Risky Behavior – to include drug abuse prevention (risky behavior)

Leadership Development

Goal #1: Re-energize the Leadership Grady IWG for both adult and youth leadership development.  Program should focus on a combination of leadership skills building and community-based organization and local asset knowledge.

Goal #2: Explore the possibility of “So You Want to be an Elected Official” mini-leadership session.  Partner with GMA, ACCG, DCA, CVIOG, etc.

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