Habersham Priorities

Economic Development  (including tourism and marketing)

Goal #1: Develop strategies for attracting and retaining business and industry, including local, state and federal business incentives; infrastructure; permitting processes; and land

Goal #2: Identify potential new business opportunities for Habersham County, with special emphasis given to the development of agri-tourism and the marketing of Habersham’s agricultural and natural resource assets.

Goal #3: Evaluate existing and future water and sewer capacities, with a goal of establishing a system that is “build ready” and user-friendly to prospective, new and existing industry.

Education and Workforce Development 

Goal #1: Establish an Education Work Group tasked with addressing issues related to workforce development.  The group will focus on improving graduation rates, enhancing social skills in the workplace, engaging parents in the education process, and retaining high school/college graduates as members of the local workforce. (Shared goal with EDC)

Goal #2: Investigate and identify ways to promote student learning in the workplace, as related to career pathways.

Planning and Visioning 

Goal #1: Define Habersham County’s identity and vision.  Create a comprehensive public relations and marketing plan to effectively communicate the identity and vision.

Goal #2: Inform and engage the community in projects identified for allocation of resources (e.g., SPLOST, LOST, and other specially funded projects).

Goal #3: Establish a community-wide Recycling Issue Work Group to consider recycling options and landfill alternatives.

Goal #4: Establish a Drug Awareness Issue Work Group to identify and address issues faced by the court system and care providers.


Goal #1: Establish a Health Issue Work Group to identify and address the current issues, challenges and opportunities affecting the health and well-being of Habersham County citizens.

Goal #2: Improve access to healthcare, including exploring ways to attract and retain more specialty care physicians in Habersham County.

Goal #3: Establish a community-wide health and wellness initiative, with the overall goal of reducing healthcare costs as well as enhancing the overall health, wellness and quality of life of Habersham citizens.

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