Spalding Priorities

Community Health and Wellness

Goal #1: Create a Youth Health Education Initiative, especially addressing the areas including, but not limited to: teen pregnancy and STDs, obesity and chronic diseases.

Goal #2: Better understand and address the health issues affecting the general population, especially as it relates to obesity and chronic diseases.

Goal #3: Create a map identifying all of the parks, trails and recreational assets across the community.

Education for a Quality Workforce

Education is considered to be a major driver in developing and retaining a qualified workforce in Spalding County. This group is specifically interested in understanding all of the educational resources that currently exist in the community, with an emphasis on addressing children aged birth to five (school readiness), as well as reducing recidivism rates.

Goal #1: Engage the day-care providers of the community in a dialogue around increased standards for children in the birth to five age range.

Goal #2: Assess and enhance mentoring programs between youth and local organizations and/or individuals to help instill soft skills, character development and leadership initiatives.

Goal #3: Investigate literacy rates across all segments of the community.

Community Development to Enhance the Quality of Life

Goal #1: Establish a new leadership development program with a goal of increasing community involvement and establishing a pipeline of new leaders across the community.

Goal #2: Enhance community beautification efforts through improved wayfinding/entryway signage, and maintenance/cleanliness plans.

Goal #3: Engage major charitable organizations to promote accountability, recipient investment and ultimately restore motivation and self-esteem across the community.

Goal #4: Redevelop affordable housing alternatives where applicable to include possible demolition of a substantial amount of blighted and slum properties.

Community Image and Communication

Celebrate community success stories in a more unified way and establish a plan for communicating successes and resources to the community at large.

Goal #1: Create an inventory of all of the media/informational outlets, including but not limited to: local newsletters (Chamber of Commerce, City, etc.), distribution lists, newspapers, radio stations, Collaborative, etc.

Goal #2: Create a community asset inventory to better understand what resources should be promoted. These could include: arts/culture, parks, trails, music venues, downtown venues/restaurants, etc.

Goal #3: Determine a strategy/communication plan (including social media plan) for getting the word out to the community.

Intergovernmental Collaboration

Continually work to improve the collaboration and communication between the three main taxing entities: Griffin, Spalding County and Board of Education.

Goal #1: Organize and facilitate meetings on every fifth Monday between the three Chair positions from the City of Griffin, Spalding County Commission and the Board of Education and their respective staff members.

Goal #2: Hold an annual governmental retreat in which all of the elected officials and staffers meet to: share information, look for areas of possible collaboration for future planning/studies, identify implementation strategies, etc.

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