Archway Partnership graduate assistants from the College of Environment and Design, KileyAguar and Emily Hunt, worked with teachers, Candler County Extension faculty, local garden clubs, and parents to create a multi-phased garden design at the Metter Pre-K-8 school. The design is intended to address water run-off from the building and mechanical systems, add shade and visual interest to the site, and most importantly, provide opportunities for increased STEM education and experiential learning for students at all levels within the system.  Funded by a grant from the Georgia Wildlife Association (GWF), the design features bog garden areas, xeriscapes, pollinator gardens, cisterns, a weather station and outdoor classroom areas. An elevated garden bed allows hands-on access for all students.  Interactive signs featuring bar codes will be placed throughout the garden. While the sign itself will display only basic plant and animal information (species, habitat, etc.), students will be able to use handheld electronic devices to scan the bar code for more information. Candler County Extension will provide $2,500 via a memorial fund to supplement the $1,500 provided by the GWF.