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Archway Partnership supports Bring Your Own Technology in Schools

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Archway Partnership supports Bring Your Own Technology in Schools

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  • “Archway is the first new outreach platform in 100 years.”
  • “Archway just makes good business sense.”
  • “Archway acts as a large, open table. They foster trust and create new relationships so that all citizens can be engaged in the community’s growth.“
  • “The ideas that the students bring have real impact in the community. Their insights have made us look at our surroundings with fresh eyes.”
  • “These students are connecting the principles they've learned in their graduate program to a very real issue for our citizens. I look forward to seeing their work make a difference."
  • “The new ideas and synergy that the community gets from working with UGA students creates a relationship where both parties encourage each other’s growth.”
  • “Archway has helped us clarify the common issues and goals for our community.”
  • “At first, leaders say they really know the community, but Archway’s presence shines a light on new stakeholders and new perspectives.”
  • “Archway is an open and equal platform where every stakeholder is welcome. This openness and equality creates new connections that strengthen the entire community.”
  • “Archway has been a jolt of electricity to our community. They’ve taught us new ways to do things that we had not thought of before.”
  • “Archway has done the best job possible by staying neutral in a politically charged atmosphere. They keep bringing the most and bringing the best.”
  • “There are many different political interests in our community. Archway has been a neutral place where we can discuss what is happening in our community, free from ulterior motives.”

Enhancing Education Through Community Engagement

Archway students reflect on their experiences in community-identified projects across the state.

A community-driven project becomes a real-world experience for a classroom of UGA students and faculty.

Dalton community leaders discuss the benefits of resources accessed through the Archway Partnership.

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