2022 National Award for Community Engagement

Interested in a new research opportunity?

If you are a faculty member and interested in finding ways to expand your research or provide a real-world platform for students, the Archway Partnership could be a great opportunity.

“Archway partners are great at creating a community forum of diverse stakeholders, offering faculty and staff an opportunity to get questions answered and propose matters essential to the research agendas. In addition, given their deep knowledge of community challenges, Archway partners are a great resource to validate various social and economic concerns.”
– Don Addison, Terry College of Business

“My research has benefited greatly by working with the Archway Partnership. In recent years, I’ve been studying the need for developing resources and tools to support asset management and decision making for local communities.  Archway has been a great partner in connecting my research team with communities willing to work with us to study this important topic.”
– Stephan Durham, College of Engineering

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Contact Michelle Elliott for further information, mwe@uga.edu