Makinizi Hoover worked at the Archway Partnership as a Graduate Assistant while a Masters of Public Administration student in the School of Public and International Affairs at UGA. She now works at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as their Strategic Advocacy Manager.

Can you talk a little about what you have been doing since finishing at UGA/Archway?

After graduating with my MPA and wrapping up my time with Archway Partnership, I worked in college ministry before making my way back to Washington DC, where I began working for a Member of Congress. I recently moved to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, where I have been working at the Strategic Advocacy Manager.

Is there anything that sticks out most from what you learned working with Archway that has helped you in your career?

The most valuable skill I learned during my time at Archway was the ability to bring differing voices and perspectives to an agreement on how to strategically move forward. Each one of the Archway Professionals I worked with modeled this so well and I have found this soft skill incredibly necessary in my current role.

Share a little about your current job?

I work at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as the Strategic Advocacy Manager. One of my primary roles is to help manage our broad domestic campaigns including our permitting reform, immigration, and small business suppliers prompt payment campaigns. I also work on our America Works data centers, which capture the current state of the U.S. workforce, as well as our Equality of Opportunity Initiative, which develops sustainable solutions to help close race-based opportunity gaps.

What do you miss most about Athens? 

Athens, particularly post-grad, was a sweet, restful town for me with incredible coffee shops and lots of delicious food. I sometimes miss the pace of life, but I especially miss Jittery Joes.

Favorite memory from Archway?

My favorite memory from Archway was accompanying Angel Jackson on a community strategic planning trip. I love strategic planning and felt very equipped for my summer role with a nonprofit developing out their five-year strategic plan after this.

What do you like to do in Washington besides advocate for the Chamber?

Above everything else, I really love my church in DC and the incredible friends I have through it. My days consist of lots of coffee shop hangs, birthday celebrations, meals at our favorite Latin American food market, and lots of walks around Capitol Hill with my dog.