Drawing from Colquitt County’s roots in agriculture and quality of life, residents there chose “Where Life Grows” as their community’s slogan after a branding process facilitated by the UGA Archway Partnership and Carl Vinson Institute of Government.

Hundreds of county residents and leaders who live in Colquitt’s six cities came together to share stories and discuss the brand.

“So many local entities joined forces for the common goals of community success and pride,” said Lou Ann Lardy, community relations coordinator for the Colquitt County School System. “The collaboration fleshed out ideas and perspectives that were specific to areas of responsibility but impacted the community as a whole. With a deeper understanding of the big picture, I feel that the process resulted in an awesome brand that will surely reap a harvest of benefits.”

Becca Turner, vice president for marketing and public relations at the Sunbelt Ag Expo, said the process brought out residents’ pride in their community, and unified them to move forward together.

“A new, unified brand allows us to all come together under one new umbrella and sell Colquitt County as the great place to live and work that it is,” Turner said.

The branding steering committee drew on expertise available in Colquitt County, from public relations expert Turner to local graphic designer Erin Ricks, owner of Red Clay Graphics Studio.

“I can personally attest to the impact a well-planned brand has on a business, and in this case, on an entire community,” Ricks said. “Just like business branding, community branding has become an increasingly important tool to help Georgia cities and counties set themselves apart from the competition and attract target markets.”

“Colquitt County already had a strong identity, especially in the agriculture and healthcare worlds, but I know we have so much more to offer that often gets overlooked. Throughout this planning, the input from local citizens was crucial and intriguing. Their feedback offered insight that had gone untapped for years, bringing fresh and accurate observations from the very people this brand will impact.”

The branding will help Colquitt County to embrace their history but also forge a new identity as a growing, South Georgia community, said Jimmy Allegood, a computer consultant in Moultrie and long-time community advocate.

“I was born and raised in Colquitt County, but through working on the branding campaign, I have come to realize that we have become a diverse community and that through diversity we are no longer rooted in the past and are willing to accept new ideas, innovations, and growth,” Allegood said.

Baker Owens 
Archway Partnership Public Relations Coordinator
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Sarah Adams 
Colquitt County Archway Professional
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