2022 National Award for Community Engagement

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The Archway Partnership™ brings the power of UGA to help Georgians and Georgia communities address long-standing and critical economic and community development needs. Through a robust partnership of students, research experts, public service faculty and university specialists, communities harness the resources of one of the nation’s top land-grant and sea-grant universities.

The Archway Partnership is committed to expanding the reach of UGA’s public service and outreach mission to historically under-resourced communities and craft customized solutions in collaboration with community leaders and residents.

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Funding Opportunities

Invest in Connected Resilient Communities

Launched in 2022, the Connected Resilient Communities (CRC) program helps historically under-resourced Georgia communities engage with the resources and expertise at UGA to address local challenges and, ultimately, become more attractive to economic development. Structured around a shorter time commitment than the traditional Archway Partnership community, the CRC program works on locally identified needs. Data collection, project design and development are typically completed within 12-18 months.

Funding Need: Community Designation $25,000 per year/per community

Create Graduate and Undergraduate Internships

Funds for Archway Partnership Graduate and Undergraduate Internships allow UGA students seeking to learn more about economic development and community capacity building the opportunity to work alongside academic and public service faculty on real-world problems. By having access to a network of professionals, both at UGA and in the communities where they are placed, students begin to develop their leadership skills, transforming them into community champions. These positions are geographically dispersed across the state and often become the site for an intern’s first professional role in economic development.

Funding Need: Graduate Stipend $30,000 per year/per student Undergraduate Stipend $15,000 per year/per student

Underwrite Implementation Grants and Recognition Awards

Implementation grants allow the Archway Partnership leadership to fund modest enhancement or improvement projects within communities to further demonstrate the tangible and positive results of active community engagement. Recognition awards allow the university to celebrate community progress and bring awareness
to the impact that Archway Partnership programs can have on the lives of Georgians.

Funding Need: $5,000 – $25,000 per grant or award

Contribute Resources for Networking and Leadership Events

Funds needed to plan, design and host the annual Archway Partnership Summit, Archway Day and Archway Leads for current and former committee members as well as other community participants amounts to $30,000 on an annual basis. The Archway Partnership Summit creates a forum for exchanging ideas, reviewing current research and providing critical training to the long-term success of the Archway Partnership model. Archway Day highlights one active Archway Partnership community and provides an excellent backdrop for narrating to the broader community the value of this university engagement. This celebration engages active CRC participants, other Archway Partnership communities and alumni communities in a robust exchange of ideas. Archway Leads is a training offered to communities seeking to productively collaborate with new economic partners, state or federal agencies, public and private institutions and businesses. This training is aimed at building capacity within communities to facilitate the community’s future leadership pipeline.

Funding Need: $30,000 annually

Support Research Funding

Solving long-standing entrenched community challenges, whether they are economic, social, environmental, or otherwise require focused partnerships built on current data, specialized research, and collaboration. A devoted expert who examines and measures the influencing factors must be able to rely on a community partner willing to lead stakeholder participation all the while taking into consideration the unique backdrop in a region. The challenges many communities are facing are universal, but the solutions are anything but universal. The careful dance between researcher and subject is never more charged than when the issues under consideration are housed within a community that the subject calls home.

Funding Need: $25,000 – $100,000 per year


Michelle Elliott, DPA
Director of the Archway Partnership

Anne Moser

Anne Moser
Senior Director of Development, Public Service and Outreach