Archway’s Public Relations Coordinator Baker Owens recently traveled to Cairo to spend a couple days taking photographs for various marketing projects that Archway is assisting on.

MPA students are working on a marketing plan for the College and Career Academy (CCA) at Cairo High School. The project hopes to help parents and residents further understand the work the CCA is doing and how it can give a leg up to students in Cairo. Besides the learning pathways at the CCA, Cairo High School also has a robust work-based learning program facilitated through the CCA. Owens traveled around Cairo and got to see these students at work in a wide array of internships.

At Wolf Creek Trout Lilly Preserve, students have done a number of projects over the years to showcase the one-of-a-kind ecosystem found there, from a bridge design by UGA engineering students to a new trail plan from College of Environment and Design students to part of a Grady County marketing plan from Grady College New Media Institute students. The preserve is a natural gem in Whigham and something the community would like to see marketed more effectively.