Angela Nguyen is a Masters student in the UGA College of Engineering who has worked in a couple different Archway Partnership communities. We caught up with her to ask a little about what it was like working in these communities and how it helped to shape her education experience.

  • Briefly describe one of your favorite projects and a major learning or ‘ah-ha’ moment that experienced as a result.

I just finished up working with Spalding County through Archway for an implementation of a Local Georgia Bridge Asset Management guide that I created in my research. I have gained such valuable experience working with Spalding County through the Archway Partnership. Most importantly, I am able to say that over the course of just 3 months I helped create a plan for Spalding County’s bridges, which is a monumental milestone for me and the University of Georgia.

  • How did working with the Archway Partnership enhance your experience?

The partnership influenced the selection of a case study community. Since Spalding County had an established history with Archway it made it an ideal candidate, among other determining factors. Having an Archway Professional facilitate coordination between meetings and emails helped move the process along in a professional manner. As a student that proved to be very beneficial in a time-constrained project.

  • What was the most fun or interesting part about working with real clients out in the State?

The most interesting part about working with real clients was being able to take control of the direction of the project and learning the different communication methods and leadership styles that I developed. It was a great learning experience for me which can be used in the real world. I have really enjoyed this experience and I appreciate the opportunities I’ve received because of the Archway Partnership.

  • How do you feel Archway helped to prepare you for your career?

Archway has helped me prepare for my career by providing real-world opportunities and applications. In my senior design capstone project, I was able to help Southern Crescent Technical College design their new entry-way and that was done through the Archway Partnership. With both my senior project and graduate research applications I feel as though I have more practical exposure working directly with the county and city officials.

  • Do you have a favorite thing to do or part of Athens?

Recently I’ve found some fun hobbies. I got into growing my own herbs at home and learned to extreme coupon, but my absolute favorite hobby is singing. I’ve made Athens my home now for the past 6 years and my favorite part of Athens is the inviting people who make it a cozy college town.